Jaclyn McKewan's Web Portfolio

Last updated October 11, 2017

Web Publishing

I have been creating Web pages since 1998, and below are several examples of my work.

Currently maintained by me:

Ren's List
Created by me in March 2014.

DrupalA site that I created to list local dog-friendly places and events. Using Drupal allows me to categorize entries by type and location, as well as display events on a calendar and an "upcoming events" list.

Greater Amherst Women's Club
Created by me in July 2009.

DrupalOur club decided to stop having a printed newsletter and calendar, and instead just use a website. I used Drupal to create this site so that I could have an events calendar, blog for news items, and easy password-protected pages for members only. Additional Drupal modules have allowed me to automatically generate print-friendly pages, a feed of upcoming calendar events, and a listing of the 5 most recent news stories.

Lancaster Unleashed
Created by me in August 2015.

DrupalI am part of a group of people trying to get an off-leash dog park in the town of Lancaster, New York, and this is our campaign website. I used Drupal to make it easy for the three of us to post updates.

The Odd Couple
Created by me in January 1998.

Drupal My first experience in creating web pages, this is a fan site providing information about the television show, "The Odd Couple." I started it by using free Web space provided by Tripod.com. After the site became popular, I moved it to its own domain name, using advertising to cover the costs. Starting in 2009, I converted the site to Drupal for easier management and layout.

Created by me - now maintained by others:


Ask Us 24/7
Maintained by me from May 2008 - October 2017.

 At my previous job, I managed the Ask Us 24/7 service. This site allows users to chat with a librarian, and it also provides information about the service for both the users and librarians. Users can also chat by visiting the website of a participating library.

Western New York Mensa
Created by me in February 2003, and maintained until September 2011. Currently maintained by other volunteers.

This is the web site for Western New York Mensa, the local chapter of American Mensa. It includes information for members and for other interested visitors. I used PHP to create server-side includes for the sidebar menu.

Winner of American Mensa's 2011 Publications Recognition Program award for best member recruitment.